Bertrand Gauguet Website

bert.Bertrand Gauguet is a french musician working in the field of experimental and improvised music, whose work ranges from acoustic to amplified sound and from improvised to composed music.

As a composer, he has worked in diverse projects, including several with dance, sound poetry, phonography, radio and cinema.

As an improviser, he’s been active on the European scene on both alto and soprano saxophones since the beginning of the decade, performing with, amongst others, Sophie Agnel, Martine Altenburger, Pascal Battus, Frédéric Blondy, Fabrice Charles, Jim Denley, Michel Doneda, Simon H. Fell, Franz Hautzinger, Thomas Lehn, Andrea Neumann, Lê Quan Ninh, Barre Phillips, John Russell, Roger Turner and Dan Warburton.

In 2007, he has played Crowds by Hervé Birolini, a composite work for saxophones, tape and eight monitors at Musiques Actions Festival (Fr).

He is also involved as an organizer of different events (concerts, meetings, etc.) and as a teacher of workshops dedicated to discovering sound and improvisation. He lives in Paris.

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